360 Madison Street

Contemporary home in Cherry Creek North

The home is set on a steeply sloping site that is graced with generous city and mountain views. The design challenge was to situate the home in order to allow comfortable access from the both street and alley.

In order to navigate the steep grade, we divided the site into a system of board formed concrete garden walls. The walls foster a gradual sequence of stairs and terraces that lead up to the entry, creating a varied collection of staggered gardens and outdoor rooms.

The home is assembled of simple stone and stucco masses that sit upon the concrete garden walls. The white limestone textures progress from a coarse to smooth finish as the house unwinds from the public street facade into the private spaces of the home. A dramatic living room at the home's center looks through a glass wall into a striking interior garden. We created a floating wooden stair that winds through the space to offer dynamic views of the home's interior rooms and the garden beyond.

The white masses of the home's interior are complimented by the wood finishes of the kitchen and cozy library, adding warmth and comfort to the clean lines of the home. The plan is a marriage of large, formal entertaining spaces and smaller, cozier rooms for introspection and retreat. The home is topped by a hidden roof aerie with sweeping views of the Denver skyline.